The FluentPageAdmin class

class fluent_pages.pagetypes.fluentpage.admin.FluentPageAdmin(model, admin_site, *args, **kwargs)

This admin is a small binding between the pagetypes of django-fluent-pages and page contents of django-fluent-contents.


To create custom page types that combine boths apps, consider using fluent_pages.integration.fluent_contents.admin.FluentContentsPageAdmin instead. In fact, the code in this class concerns with the layout mechanism that is specific for this implementation.

To build a variation of this page, see the API documentation of Creating a CMS system in the django-fluent-contents documentation to implement the required API’s.


alias of FluentPageAdminForm

formfield_for_foreignkey(db_field, request=None, **kwargs)

Get a form Field for a ForeignKey.

get_layout_view(request, id)

Return the metadata about a layout


Return the template that is associated with the page.

get_placeholder_data(request, obj=None)

Provides a list of fluent_contents.models.PlaceholderData classes, that describe the contents of the template.

get_readonly_fields(request, obj=None)

Determine which fields are readonly. This includes the shared fields if the user has no permission to change them.


Introduce more urls

has_change_page_layout_permission(request, obj=None)

Whether the user can change the page layout.