URL Resolving for dynamically added pages.

fluent_pages.urlresolvers.app_reverse(viewname, args=None, kwargs=None, multiple=False, ignore_multiple=False, current_page=None, language_code=None)

Locate an URL which is located under a page type.

fluent_pages.urlresolvers.mixed_reverse(viewname, args=None, kwargs=None, current_app=None, current_page=None, language_code=None, multiple=False, ignore_multiple=False)

Attempt to reverse a normal URLconf URL, revert to app_reverse() on errors.


Clear the cache for the app_reverse() function. This only has to be called when doing bulk update/delete actions that circumvent the individual model classes.

Other classes

exception fluent_pages.urlresolvers.MultipleReverseMatch

Raised when an app_reverse() call returns multiple possible matches.

exception fluent_pages.urlresolvers.PageTypeNotMounted

Raised when the app_reverse() function can’t find the required plugin in the page tree.